Florida Trip in Review!



So the craft show went pretty well and I had so much fun because I was in the same room as one of my favorite fellow Etsy sellers: Little Batch!  I bought a bunch of things from her (of course) and immediately opened her Pumpkin Vanilla Face Mask that night and put it on before my shower – Loved it – My face felt so clean and refreshed!!

After the show, I organized the apartment, cleaned my fish tanks, checked my No Mints inventory, packed our bags and went to bed around 1:00am only to …


… Wake up at 4:30am!  Ugh … So we drove to the train station, hopped the train to the airport, boarded our plane and pretty much fell asleep after take-off.  After landing, we picked up our rental car and drove to the hotel.  The view from our room was phenomenal:

By this time we were starving (we only had a bowl of Alphabits – Yes, Alphabits – at 4:30 that morning …) so we found a place to eat for lunch and picked up bagels and cream cheese for breakfast for the next few days, then came back to the room and relaxed.


Jim woke up with excruciating back spasms which eventually calmed down enough for him to make it to the jacuzzi near the pool – Which worked wonders! (Who needs a doctor when you have a hot tub?).

I presented our research at the ASCO Meeting on Molecular Markers in Cancer that evening and had a bunch of interested attendees come up and talk to me, which was a great experience.  My public speaking and interaction abilities just get better and better with each one of these events, which I’m very happy about since they are definitely skills I needed to work on.

Jim’s back was feeling much better by the time my presentation was over (Whew!) and we ate tasty sushi and delicious steamed and salted edamame (which I need to figure out how to make at home …) at one of the hotel restaurants that night.


We went swimming and walked on the beach for a little bit in the morning, then checked out of the hotel.

After meeting with the first FIU professor, we checked into a second hotel closer to the FIU main campus for the last night.  After a Five Guys Burger dinner and a smoothie for dessert, we stayed in for the night, catching up on Mad Men and the Inbetweeners.


Up early again to meet the second professor from FIU! I learned more about the program itself and one of the graduate students took some time to show me around campus while I asked her questions about what it’s like to study there.  I gained a lot of insight into FIU and graduate school in general and I can’t thank them enough for being so accommodating.

After our visit on campus, Jim and I headed back to the airport, returned the car and got in line for security … when I realized I forgot my cell phone in the rental.  Luckily, Enterprise is nice enough to FedEx it to me so it’s on its way!

Things I Learned From This Trip:

  • Bring snacks on the plane (they don’t even give you peanuts or pretzels anymore … WTF).
  • Hot tubs are an excellent substitute for muscle relaxing medication.
  • I need to learn how to prepare salted and steamed edamame at home.
  • FIU’s environmental chemistry program and faculty seem like they would be a great fit for me …
  • … if I am able tolerate the copious amounts of traffic and scorching Florida heat (I found myself really missing my cool-weather autumn back home).
  • Triple-check the rental car before turning it in.

It was by no means a put-your-feet-up-and-relax kind of trip, but we had a great time, my presentation went well and we got a pretty good feel for what living in the Miami area is like.


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