Hump Day Finds

I’m back!! I aim to have a post up tomorrow about our Florida trip so hang in there …

In the meantime – Some of my recent favorite Etsy finds for you!

DIY Skull Garland by Cineloh

A creepy and super-affordable garland to decorate your home for Halloween (or leave it up all year – Whatever works for you!)

Me Eat Meat by Fifi Du Vie

Being the omnivorous creature that I am, I get a kick out of this simply-stated print.

Black Leather Ring by Mano Bello

Raw and tough, but in an elegant way.



  1. I think with the ME EAT MEAT print I will finally be able to convince my boyfriend of the usefullness of etsy! Thanks a lot for sharing this great find! Linda

    • Haha – Nice! Jim’s gateway seller into Etsy was definitely darkcycleclothing (he has 2 t-shirts from them). It’s great when you can find that one item that just makes people who don’t know much about why handmade is so awesome “get it”.

      Thanks Linda!

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  3. I found your blog via Etsy forums… I just opened my shop & am excited to discover other crafty peeps.
    your blog is gorgeous & I look forward to following it.

    btw… the meat poster is awesome!

    • Welcome and thanks so much for the nice words! Congrats on opening your Etsy shop too – Just popped in to look around and your sewn cards are friggin’ adorable – The high five card is awesome :)

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