A Mini “Vacation”

The next few days will be full of adventure as Jim and I will be travelling to Florida!

Why a “vacation”?  It’s not going to be all sunshine and palm trees and fruity drinks when we’re down there – The reason for the trip is that I am presenting a poster of our research at an international meeting and, since we’re going to be in the area, I’m meeting with a couple of professors from FIU to discuss my interest in their graduate school.

So I have been pretty stressed out planning for our trip, staying focused at work and adequately preparing for my next craft show (which is tomorrow …).


  • Saturday: Holiday Potpourri handmade craft show (stop by if you’re around!)
  • Sunday: Flying to Florida and hopefully relaxing for a little that afternoon
  • Monday: Present research poster
  • Tuesday: Meet with first professor
  • Wednesday: Meet with second professor then fly home

Needless to say, I will be a busy little bee for the next few days and will have to see when I have time to post pictures of this whole adventure …

O!  And as before – If you’ve had your eye on something from my Etsy shop (say, for holiday gifts), you might want to pick it up now.  The next month is going to be a friggin’ whirlwind with graduate school applications sucking up most of my time and I can’t promise that your favorite item will still be there after the craft show!

Have a fantastic weekend!

[Just Breathe by Lisa Barbero] [Florida Map by Banana Strudel] [Suitcase by Gallivanting Girls]



  1. I’m about to go set up the item for our swap. Or we can wait till after you get back. I figure we both got swamped by school and work obligations, but I haven’t completely forgotten :)

    Wow, graduate school at FIU, how exciting (says the self-titled grumpy graduate student…)! Break a leg in your interviews!

  2. Haha yeaa – I haven’t forgotten about you either :) This week has been ridiculous!

    Waiting until we get back would probably be better – Our flight lands back at home Wednesday night so I’ll be back in action on Thursday!

    Thanks for the support – I’m nervous about having to sound intelligent :P

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