Thanksgiving! (Already?)



:: Pumpkin Illustration by I Shoot Nouns ::

Yep!  Well, for me and Jim anyway.  Jim’s brother is back home from the Air Force for a couple weeks so we are going to have Thanksgiving with his family this weekend!

A little early?  Maybe. But I always welcome a succulent turkey, sweet potatoes and a pumpkin pie with open arms!

The interesting part of this whole event will be the fact that this little get-together is going to be held in our tiny apartment … I’ve told Jim we have to lay down some ground rules (ie. No one in the kitchen besides me and Jim when the cooking is going on because it is about the size of a postage stamp and I’ll get claustrophobic and cranky real quick.) and see if they can help us out by bringing a few dishes with them.



:: Felted Acorns by Green Baboon Designs ::

:: Aspen Leaves Print by Amelia Kay Photography ::

:: Heritage Corn Print by Local Artist Prints ::

:: Red Fox Embroidery Hoop by Naomi Cayne ::

Overall, I’m really excited and this will be the first Thanksgiving dinner where Jim and I will be running the show (keep your fingers crossed).

I have also compiled a mini “to do” list that needs to happen before Sunday …

  • buy foodstuffs (for stuffing, turkey, pumpkin muffins, etc.)
  • buy decorative thingies (gourds, candles and maybe another pumpkin or 2)
  • bake pumpkin muffins ahead of time (to give to family members)
  • clean the apartment (scrub shower, put all my crafting stuff away, etc.)

I will do my best to document at least part if this event and share next week!

Have a happy weekend!



  1. Happy {early} Thanksgiving, Sasha! You and Jim will do great! If all else fails, wow ’em with your tea towels {sad, shameless plug}. Seriously, it’s going to be awesome…Thanksgiving celebration is the BEST!


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