A New Guilty Pleasure: Instant Horchata

Sometimes you just can’t deny the ease and tastiness of instant food …

In a previous post, I described how to make Easy Homemade Horchata.  In response to that post, I had a few commenters suggest that I try horchata purchased from a local Mexican market.  So when I popped in for some dried chiles, I picked up a bag of instant horchata mix:

It’s a bit sweeter than the homemade version, but boy is it good!!  Jim and I are currently on our second bag of mix and we typically finish a pitcher in 2 days – Hehe

We also picked up some other aguas frescas mixes to try!

I’m certainly not advocating that instant or ready-made is the way to go all the time (Jim and I cook dinners pretty much from scratch at least 5x per week, and come on, we all know homemade tastes better), but sometimes, pre-fab food just makes life a little sweeter.

P.S. While we’re on the subject of horchata – I made an Etsy Treasury inspired by the beverage!  Click here to visit, and browse more of the collection!



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