Craft Show on a Budget: Free Display Ideas

Who says you have to go out and buy some huge, pre-made, elaborate, expensive displays for your table?  I bet you can find some perfectly lovely ones right in your own home …

Look on your shelves and in your pantries for some of these readily-available craft show display options:

  • Woven Baskets
  • Serving Bowls or Platters
  • Mugs and Cups
  • Metal Tins or Boxes
  • Small Suitcases

Check out some of these in action!

Use your imagination!  Walking around your home and looking at everyday objects with a new set of eyes can really allow you to be creative with what you use to display your items on your table.

A little bonus idea:  Use clothespins to secure small notes and price signs to your displays.  I simply printed my signs on card stock and rounded the edges for a finished look.  Cheap, easy – And your signs won’t blow away on a gusty day!

What everyday items do you use in your table display?



  1. …a shoe rack, a bread basket, and a tomato cage. oh and mini clothespins (a cute take on the everyday :)

    love your craft fair posts!!!

  2. Great ideas! Love your little critters!

    I’ve collected a few mini pieces of furniture from estate/garage sales to use in my displays. Like a coffee mug holder or small ottoman… just painted them all black to match!

    ( :

  3. Your displays are wonderful! I have a big basket collection. In between craft shows they hang on the kitchen wall.

    I’m always looking for new display possibilities at thrift stores. I have a black candelabra that looks great with a few necklaces hanging on it, a pretty jewelry box that can sit open with things in the bottom and a few things hanging on the top, and a CD holder that’s perfect for earrings.

    • Thanks for the jewelery box idea. I never thought of that and I have had 1 sitting here all the time and it even has a music box to it. Oh so many more possiblities for display that just might help to sell.I I make all my own displays most of which are multi-purpose such as staking trays with the lid also my banner. Folding earring case with storage below for more and colonial blocks on top for adding clamp-on lighting. Colapsable necklace,bracelet,earring displays which can be found on my esty site.

  4. I use a 4-foot-tall wooden movie/cd shelf to display my Instant Canteens — I can hang some from the sides so the customers can see how they’re used, and then stand others up on the shelves with the straps hanging down in back (I sell them with a free bottle of water included when I do shows). If it’s an outdoor show, I take along a couple 10-pound weight plates from my hubby’s workout room to hold the rack in place in case it gets windy. I like how the rack breaks up the height-sameness of my tables and can be angled out a bit to catch the eyes of passersby.

    And I do the basket thing with clothespins too! Especially for little things like scrunchies. I also use a table-top Christmas tree to display my tabletop tree skirts and little crocheted snowflakes — if the show is nearish Christmas, that is. A friend of mine uses a tabletop clothes horse to display handmade baby blankets.

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