Craft Show on a Budget: DIY Tree Branch Display

Essentially all you need is a branch, a piece of wood and a boyfriend who loves to play with power tools (okay, you don’t need the last one, but it sure helps!) …

This display is a fun and eye-catching (and cheap!) way to hang jewelry, ornaments, garlands, etc. to draw customers to your table.  Here’s what you need to do …

You will need:

  • Tree Branch (with smaller limbs you can hang items from – and preferably an already fallen branch, we don’t want to be hacking up perfectly healthy trees if we don’t have to!)
  • 2×4 Piece of Wood (cut to a 16 inch width – you can cut it longer or shorter based on your table space and needs – I chose this length because I wanted the option to C-clamp my display to the table in case gusts of wind picked up at the show)
  • Power Drill*
  • Bow Saw*
  • Spade Bit* (that is approximately the same diameter as the base of your branch)
  • Wood Glue*
  • Clear Acrylic Spray Coat or Spray Paint (to coat the branch and protect the items you will be hanging from any residual dirt)

*If you don’t own some or any of these items, ask your friends or family members.  I assure you someone will have them lying around in their garage or shed, as they are common tools to have around the house.  We had to purchase the wood glue and the spade bits for this project – Both were inexpensive and will be useful in future endeavours.


1.  Spray the branch with acrylic coat or spray paint.  You can be creative here and spray with whatever color works with your display.  I opted for the clear acrylic coating, not only because I had it lying around the house already, but also my table has a more neutral/natural theme going on and it works with the look I’m going for.

2.  Measure and mark the center of the piece of 2×4.  This will be where you drill the hole the branch will be inserted into.

3.  Drill a 3/4 inch hole using the spade bit into the area you marked in the previous step.

4.  Cut the base of the branch with the bow saw so you have a flat end to insert into the hole.

5.  Make sure the branch fits into the hole you drilled.  If it doesn’t simply shave away some of the branch so it is the appropriate diameter.

6.  Apply wood glue to the base of the branch and into the hole you drilled and firmly insert the branch.

7.  TaDa!  You now have an awesome new display for your table!  Make sure you let the glue dry overnight before trying to hang anything or do any rough maneuvering with it.

This is a cost-effective, beautiful and interesting display for any craft show table.  Even if you don’t have hanging items, you can use this to display signs or to dangle business cards from.

If you are like me and don’t like the raw look of the 2×4 base, you can make a quick and easy tree skirt from any leftover piece of fabric or an old article of clothing!

What kind of creative and interesting craft show displays have you made yourself?



  1. Great idea, I could use this for my carabiner coin purses, I would paint the base, or cover in a nifty scrapbook paper. Thanks for sharing, I will have to watch the branches that fall in my back yard a bit more carefully.

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