Craft Show on a Budget: Branding

So, as I mentioned in previous posts, this coming weekend I will be attending my first craft show (Saturday and Sunday – Keep your fingers crossed for pleasant weather)!

In the Etsy forums I have seen a few threads that ask how people can afford to attend a craft show to sell their goods – Being a relatively recent college grad with a limited income and tight budget, I am going to share with you some of what I did to prepare for my first show (without spending a fortune)!

A simple custom stamp is a minor investment that will pay off many times over.  I used mine, a cute, hand-drawn version of my Tufted Bird ornaments, on a variety of things for the show to get my brand across to customers and future buyers – Here are a few examples:

  • Tags and packaging
  • Paper merchandise bags
  • Stickers (freebies for those who visit my table)

I think that getting my logo on the merchandise bags and stickers are a great way to get my brand out and around the craft show.  After buyers purchase an item, they will be carrying around my logo, which may pique the interest of other potential customers and they will immediately recognize my logo as they approach my table (I have a blown up Tufted Bird image on my large table sign).

I use my Tufted Bird stamp when I am shipping online orders as well – I seal my tissue wrap packaging with a stamped sticker (I used to punch holes and tie with ribbon – But after a minor fiasco that involved severing part of an item I was shipping I decided to alter my packaging method …) and also stamp my logo on the outside of the envelope I ship the order in as well for a little added touch.

A custom logo stamp is an inexpensive way to add your brand to literally anything – The possibilities are endless!

What method do you use to brand your items and get your name out there during a show or otherwise?



  1. I think custom stamps are a great idea :)

    I actually use non-custom stamps for thank-you cards on my bags. To be honest I don’t know where to get good custom stamps made, I did bookmark a place a while back, but now have lost the link. Where do you order yours from?

    I think it adds to the handmade feel :)

  2. I hope it went well for you!!! Love your packaging. Simple and sweet.
    I did my first show this weekend, too. It was a blast and I’m looking forward to doing more!!!


  3. oh, ps, i’ll have an album up on my FB fanpage later today if you’d like to see photos of my booth and my packaging…. :-)

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