What IS That Thing??

Earlier this week, when I was moving the covers to crawl into bed, I adjusted my pillow only to discover this ugly little creature underneath it!

I promptly freaked out and told Jim to remove it (I am very much a weenie when it comes to bugs in the house, especially unknown ones).  Curious to know what it was, I googled “black and orange bug” and the first photo was the bug I discovered – Guess what it is …

It’s a baby lady bug!  More accurately, a ladybug larva.  I had never seen one before and it’s odd to think that something so spikey and ugly can transform into something so cute and lovable!

Now that I feel like a terrible person for ending a ladybug’s life prematurely – If you see one of these little guys in your house, don’t squish it with a tissue and flush it (like me), release it outside instead!

Picture Sources: Here & Here


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