I Made Some Canned Pickles!

This weekend I made my first attempt at making and preserving dill pickles!

My little jarred pickles relaxing in the hot tub.

Canned and cooling in the sun.

One of the 5 jars I made didn’t seal properly so Jim and I ate them that night – They were delicious!!  It’s very hard for us not to open and eat all of them …

I plan on improving the recipe and making a few different types and giving jars away during the holidays (because who doesn’t love a good pickle?).



    • Haha – Yeaa we always double or triple the amount of suggested garlic in any recipe (because we love it so much) … They are so good! I am anxious to wait a month or so and see how they turn out after time goes by – This is my first time canning something so it’s all new to me!

  1. you’ve just made me VERY hungry! dEeEelish! i am sure they will be superb. can’t go wrong with all that garlic. ;-)
    and say…what a fine tea towel i see there helping out. SWEET!

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