Home Decor Inspiration: Life Happens

I discovered last night that craftgawker.com now has another sister site: dwellinggawker.com – I predict this finding will absolutely destroy at least part of my productivity for the weekend …

Anyway, I came across Neëst, a shop and blog inspired by the mixing of contemporary and vintage decor and home goods.

What I love most about the photos featured on Neëst is how even a lived in and well-loved home can be beautiful too:

These photos remind me of our apartment.  Many times we see images in magazines, blogs and catalogs of perfect homes and rooms dressed to the nines and complete with fresh paint, perfect lighting, clean surfaces and a strategically-placed furry friend for additional cuteness.

What I love most about these images is that life happens in these homes, in these rooms:  We cook dinner.  We don’t always clean up our messes.  And sometimes the best decorations are merely a mismatched set of items unintentionally acquired over the years.


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