Geeky Term of the Day: Thigmotropism

That’s right, after reading this article you can impress your friends by telling them that “ivy is a thigmotropic plant”!  Isn’t that exciting?

What is thigmotropism?  Well Wiki always puts it best so here’s what they say:

“Thigmotropism is a movement in which an organism moves or grows in response to touch or contact stimuli. The prefix ‘thigmo- comes from the Greek word for ‘touch’. Usually thigmotropism occurs when plants grow around a surface, such as a wall, pot, or trellis.”

This past weekend Jim and I discovered a lovely (yet potentially destructive) example of thigmotropism in our own home.

Ivy has pretty much taken over the back windows of our apartment.  We were first violated by it earlier this year when we discovered a vine squeezed through our closed window and started growing up between the blinds – Definitely felt like we were in Jumanji …

We discovered earlier this week that it has started using the screen in one of our back windows as a climbing aid.

Sweet, right?  After admiring the wonder of nature for a short while and snapping a few photos, we snipped away the ivy and redirected its path so it could continue to grow below the window.

Have you ever felt like you’ve been taken over by the forces of nature?


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