Craft Show Prep: Brooches

This weekend I gave my hands a break from cutting and sewing felt and instead worked on my brooch packaging.  I simply cut a rectangle from white and brown card stock, rounded the edges, stamped on my logo and pinned on my goodies!

Embroidered Brooches

Apple & Pumpkin Brooches

Amoeba & Paramecium Brooch

I also ordered some delicious mint twine last week from Bird Haven which arrived on Saturday!  I will be using it for various packaging things: attaching tags, DIY kits, decorating, etc.

Mint Bakers Twine by Bird Haven

Jim and I also went stick hunting to find a branch that will work to hold my ornaments as a craft show display – I aim to do a DIY tutorial on that when we get around to making it!



  1. Lol – I considered making a stamp myself but then I considered the cost of the supplies and the number of times I would probably screw up the design and decided that having a custom one created for me would probably be the smart thing to do … :P

    Sorry you can’t expect a tutorial but here’s the shop I purchased it from!

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