I Love My Local Eggs

So with the recent, massive egg recall due to salmonella exposure at Wright County Egg in Iowa, I thought this would be an appropriate time to showcase how wonderful buying local, farm fresh eggs is!

We started buying our eggs from the Farmer’s Market a while back who receives their eggs from a place right down the road called Wonderland Farms in Titusville.

A variety of tasty eggs from a local farm.

We first noticed the eggs because they were so unique and varied in their color and shape – Almost too beautiful to eat!  And yes, at over 5 bucks per dozen they aren’t as cheap as your grocery store eggs, but they are worth so much more than that.  The eggs come from an assortment of chickens they have on the farm and the look of the eggs reflect that.  Some are more pointed and narrow, others are large and brown and each dozen contains a different combination.  I love scrambling or frying them up in a pan with only a little salt and pepper and a side of toast on the weekend because that is when their true flavor comes out.  Who knew an egg could be so rich and hearty!?  They have such a beautiful color and texture that you can’t help but get excited to cook with them!

Up close and personal with my eggs.

These types of eggs (from free range and properly-fed hens) are known to have a better nutritional value and are free of unknown hormones, steroids and antibiotics that mass produced ones are subject to.

My suggestion to you?  If you haven’t given local, farm fresh eggs a try, go for it!  Don’t worry about shelling out the extra couple dollars, you’ll be glad you did.


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