Hump Day Finds: From My Favorites … Again

I think I might choose Hump Day Finds picks from my favorites for a while until I have more time to search for themed items …

Three Patch Jack Deep Vee by apliiq

Three Patch Tee

This tee appears snuggly and comfy and who doesn’t love a pop of color on their breast pocket!?

Retro Camera Tea Towel by PonyAndPoppy

Camera Tea Towel

I have had a strange affinity for handmade tea towels recently … one of the reasons I have fallen in love with Pony and Poppy’s shop – They have the cutest ones!  Jim enjoys photography – I’m thinking of purchasing this one for him (which is pretty much an excuse for me to buy one for myself).

Long Triangle Necklace by littleobywolfbrother

Long Triangle Necklace

Beautiful, simple and unique – Just the way I love my necklaces!  The geometric shapes and colors are lovely on this long one.


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