Neon Treasury & Geeky Goodness

Thanks to Etsy for putting my Autumnal Loves Treasury on the Front Page yesterday!  Today I went in the complete opposite direction in making a Treasury simply entitled “Neon” – Sure to make your eyeballs explode!

"Neon" Treasury

While we’re on the subject of vibrant handmade items here’s a few geeky goodies I have finished in the past week or so to stock up for the show next month!

Microbe Brooches

Dopamine Molecule Heart Ornaments (Dopamine Embroidered on Reverse)

Microbe Magnets

Some of these have already made an appearance in my shop if you are interested in checking them out.  I may or may not list them all before the show so if you are interested in one in particular just leave a comment here or contact me via Etsy and I can set it aside for you!

Okay this post is over  – You may now go dunk your eyes in some ice water to cool them down :)


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