Go See Inception. Now.

Thursday night Jim and I went to the movies to see Inception.  We really aren’t avid movie-goers and would prefer to wait until it’s available on Netflix and relax at home, but everyone who saw Inception assured us that we had to see it.

So we ate rockin’ burritos from Panchero’s in Flemington for dinner, picked up some boxed candy from the grocery store (sorry, I refuse to pay $4 for a tiny thing of Junior Mints at the theatre when I can get the king size at Shop Rite for a buck), I grabbed my free movie passes (we use them as compensation for the blood donors in our research study so I have aquired some over time) and off we went!

Inception Movie Poster

This was the first movie where I walked into the theatre with not a single clue what it was about.  After finishing it, I can see why the concept was so difficult to put into words … It’s been a while since I have watched a movie that was so mind twisting and thought-provoking that my facial muscles stopped working and after a while I realized that my mouth was dropped open and my eyeballs were so wide they might have popped out of my head.

Spinning Top

I’m obviously not a movie reviewer, but the one thing I can say is that if you are looking to be baffled, stunned, overwhelmed and sucked in by one of the most complex and detailed movie concepts I have seen in a long time (there’s also pretty sweet graphics too), I highly recommend Inception to you.

Image Sources Here & Here

Seen it already?  What did you think?


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