Craves of the Week …

1.  Bubble Tea

I think the strong urge to sip some chewy tapioca bubbles in a sweet tea mix has crossed my mind at least once every day this week …

Bubble Tea

Photo Source (also click for a well-illustrated bubble tea recipe!)

2.  Zippered Pouches

I don’t know why … I don’t even use zippered pouches – But I want these (the little anthropomorphic pickled ginger and wasabi on the sushi pouch are too much).

Cattails Pouch by seaoats

Sushi Lovers Pouch by kukubee

Where you can get them:  Cattails & Sushi Lovers

3.  Coffee

The week leading up to vacation I got little sleep and drank way too much coffee to compensate for it.  I can’t have too much in a span of a few days or else I almost feel ill:  hard to breathe, headache, surly mood, unhappy stomach … So I told myself I’m not going to drink any for a while so I can clear my system and feel better (and I do!).  However, the craving for coffee has tapped me on the shoulder a few times this week and with the hardcore preparation for this upcoming craft show I’m going to have to do, it makes me wish I wasn’t so good at sticking to my guns sometimes … I broke down and bought a cup today, but you know what?  I don’t regret it in the least :)

Coffee time. by *Simple pleasure

Photo Source


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