Tutorial: DIY Cardstock Item Tags & Packaging

After reading this article on Lova Revolutionary’s blog, I was inspired to avoid purchasing the potentially pricey ready-made tags and create my own!

I decided to use neutral colors in my tagging because so many of my felt goodies are bright and vibrant and I wanted the items themselves to stand out and be the star of the show.  (I apologize in advance for the lit-from-above, incandescent awfulness of the photos but I was not about to essentially sit on my tiny window sill to get natural light while I was making these things …)  Okay!  So here’s what you do …

You Will Need:

  • Cardstock (in whatever colors you wish, make sure it is of a heavier weight so your tags have some structure, I cut mine to size before I began making them, you can size them according to your needs)
  • Glue Stick
  • Corner Punch (I use a simple rounded corner, there are some pretty fun ones out in the craft stores – Use what suits you!)
  • Stamp, Stickers, or Other Tools to decorate your tags (I am using a stamp with my Tufted Bird shop logo on it – Stamp was created by cupcaketree on Etsy, a great seller and wonderful communicator – I highly suggest her if you are interested in your own!)

Materials Needed


1.  Once cardstock has been cut to the appropriate size (will vary with what you choose to use your tags for), use the corner punch to round the corners of each piece.

Punch Corners

2.  Glue smaller piece of cardstock to the center of the larger piece of cardstock so the larger piece of cardstock extends an equal distance on each side, forming a “frame”.  (you can omit this step and use only one piece of cardstock for your tags if you wish, I prefer a sturdier, double-thick tag in this case because these will ultimately house my brooches when I am finished with them)

Glue Cardstock

3.  Adorn your tags with stamps, stickers, whatever you would like!  As mentioned before, I am trying to be more cohesive with my What. No Mints? brand and therefore I used a stamp with my logo on it.


4.  Once the glue completely dries (as well as any decorating you have done) you are ready to spice up your handmade items with your new tags!

My Red Delicious Apple Brooch pinned to my new tag!

Since I had everything out already, I also quickly threw together some simple and cute hang tags for keychains, etc.

Quick Hang Tags

That wasn’t so bad, right?

I love when crafters also hand make their packaging.  It adds an extra personal touch that I believe any customer would enjoy and appreciate.

Do you make your own packaging and/or tags?  I want to see them!  Comment with a link so we can check it out!


One comment

  1. lol yeah and now you can send analog tweets to you friends sorry if my joke bothered to you, look great thats cardstock, and also i think that can use if you put pages to something like post-it i like the idea

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