Hunterdon Harmonizers Annual Craft Fair!

Guess who’s going to be there … Me!

I’m not going to make this a long post about all my concerns, worries, to-do lists, blah, blah, blah … BUT I just wanted to share that I will be attending the Hunterdon Harmonizers Annual Craft Fair this coming September!  I’m pretty sure it will be a smaller show, which will be a great opportunity to test the selling-in-person waters and see how it goes!


So I know I have a HUGE list of things I have to get done between then and now, but for now I am brainstorming booth set up ideas.  I know I want to make a display from a tree branch for my many ornaments (I think the Tufted Birds will look especially cute on it!) and I searched around a little bit for some inspiration/tutorials and found these from Hope Studios and Centsational Girl.

Hope Studios Tree Branch Display

Centsational Girl Tree Branch Display Design

I like the idea of the no-drill-needed design that Hope presents, but I know I will want a sturdy platform if heavy winds blow in that day, so I think I’ll give Jim an excuse to use his power tools … :)

I was also thinking of using baskets, like Lavender and Lime, to separate items into sections so I can just have one sign for each instead of having to label each piece individually.  I already have a bunch of baskets around the house I use for various things so it doesn’t involve spending money – Yay!

Baskets to Hold Items

If you have any tips for a true show newbie – Please comment and share!



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