Sciencey Blog Feature & Weekend Recap!

Well yes, I have changed my look yet AGAIN – I just can’t seem to keep still when it comes to blog customization apparently … Anyway, I hope you guys like it because I do!

As much as I love science and research I was sad to have to actually go back to work today – The week off really gave my brain some much-needed R&R.  But I have jumped head-first into preparing for the upcoming craft show I will be attending in September (yes, that’s right, in one month … I have never done one of these things and I am mildly terrified that I won’t be prepared …)!  I am super-stoked about it and I will most likely post more about it tomorrow, I hope.

Yesterday, my Dad and Stepmom came in for the day and we all went tubing down the Delaware River!  It was so much fun and yet so relaxing.  Halfway through the floating adventure, you pull off and stop by this little shack in the middle of the river that makes hot dogs and hamburgers (typing this is making me hungry … and guilty because I consciously skipped my run today – Oops.).  Although today I woke up with the weirdest sore muscles: Abs (from trying to stay comfy in my tube) and Upper Back (from paddling nearly non-stop – Because I can’t just sit still and I wanted to make sure I hit every rapid possible!).

And now for the blog feature!

Great name, huh?

I was lucky enough to have these adorable little organisms featured on Sciencey’s “Etsy Find of the Day“!

Now-Famous Eukaryote Magnets

Totally made my morning – Thanks again Sciencey!

(On a side note … Can we please address how much it sucks that the sun is down by 8:00pm now?  Makes me dread the winter months when my alarm goes off at 5:00am and I am out running in the frigid dark by 6:00am – Not. Fun.)


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