Mini Vacation to Bethany Beach, DE

Jim and I met up with my family in Bethany Beach for the past few days.  It was fun and very relaxing and I really didn’t want to come home … Here are some pictures of our trip!

View from the back porch and balcony of the beach house we stayed in.

We ordered BBQ from this place the night Jim and I got down there - It's supposed to feed 38 ... our party was only 11 people :) It was so tasty even Natalie (who is a vegetarian) couldn't miss out on some smoky rib action!

Jim and Watson (our beagle) relaxing.

There was a random crab cage attached to the back porch - So we caught some and threw them back. Also, Nat and I on the beach!

Nat, Jim and I went canoeing one afternoon - It was fun and I didn't suck at it - So yay!

Jim loves ducks ...

The beach! The sandpipers are hilarious - I could watch them zoom in and out with the waves all day.

I took today off as well (yay!) so I will be cleaning up and making a trip to the Post Office (I made 3 sales during the time I was away – Maybe I should vacation more often!).  Our apartment is almost done being painted and it looks 100x better.  I will be showing pictures when it’s finished and I have everything put back where it should be.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Bethany Beach is so beautiful! Plus, I love canoeing. That picture of your dog is so cute. Did he get some barbecue before that shot, because he sure looks content :)

    • Canoeing was fun! I did it a couple years back and sucked immensely so I’m glad I have since improved. Watson (the dog) lives with my Mom now but he enjoyed himself. He is so friggin’ lazy it’s unbelievable. To be honest I don’t know if he got any BBQ (I was too busy stuffing my face with it), I do know that he had a good time cleaning up the floor afterwards :)

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