Hump Day Finds: I’m Lazy / I Have Too Much To Do …

I’m putting together this week’s “Hump Day Finds” ahead of time and since Jim and I are busy prepping the apartment for painting and packing to go to the beach for a few days I don’t have time to leisurely search Etsy for awesome items to bring to your attention – So – I simply sifted through my Favorite Items and here is what I have for you :)

Smart Girls Are Sexy Tee by SpeakForYourself

Smart Girls Are Sexy Tee

This tee pretty much says it all – As a self-proclaimed geek I am in love with it!

Seasalt Necklace by jennreese7

Seasalt Necklace

Beautiful. Simple. Delicate.  I usually don’t go for necklaces of this style, but there’s just something about it that I am drawn to.

Chalk Board Horse by HoundstoothDesign

Chalk Board Horse

I pretty much enjoy anything horse-related and this delightful sculpture doubles as an awesome and unique place to write your reminders!


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