Well Looky What Came In The Mail Today …

My mailbox greeted me this afternoon with these 3 lovely packages (and a catalogue for “Consolidated Plastics” … Not sure why I have been receiving these recently but Jim and I get a kick out of it every time they appear):

Yay Packages!

I purchased a beautiful and simple Grey Button Pendant from brightsidephotos on Etsy!  I love the neutral color and it’s the perfect size for a pendant – Can’t wait to wear it!

Grey Button Pendant

I haven’t told you guys yet, but my Three Leaves Mini Garland will be published (along with instructions on how to make it) in a brand new needlecraft/cross stitching/knitting/crocheting magazine called “Spool” this fall!  I received the premier issue in the mail from the editor for a better idea of what to expect – I will be updating you all when it finally goes to print :)

Spool Magazine

Finally, I ordered a custom rubber stamp from cupcaketree on Etsy so I can stamp my shop logo on packaging and whatnot.  I think it’s much cheaper and easier than making stickers or printing it directly on card stock.  This way I can put it wherever I want whenever I want! – I think my little Tufted Bird came out so cute – Yay! (and Olga included some sweet little cupcake stickers in with my stamp – Thanks!)

Tufted Bird Rubber Stamp

Jim and I will be leaving at 6am tomorrow (eek…) to head to the beach for a few days (woo!) – Don’t worry I have a few posts scheduled to keep you entertained – Have a great week everyone!!


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