Dad’s Birthday & Blog Feature!

Today I’ll be heading to the good ol’ Lehigh Valley to spend the day with Dad (and my family) because it’s his birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad!

I also wanted to make you aware of a blog feature from yesterday that I am totally stoked about:

Eep!  I have been checking into The Curious Pug nearly daily to see what Alycia has to say about life and crafting since I stumbled across her blog a few months ago.  Yesterday I was lucky enough to be featured in her Friday Feature!

Take a moment to jump over there and peruse her blog for some good reading (and some amazingly-adorable pug photos) – Right now she is in the middle of a “30 Days of Truths” challenge where every day for a month she answers a question about herself and her views in a daily post so readers can learn more about her (something you might want to think about participating in yourself if you are hard-pressed for blog material).

Thanks again Alycia for the wonderful feature!


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