Pet Rock I Just Can’t Bear To Part With …

Have you ever made something (with the intention of selling it) only to find that you cannot bear to part with it?

I made a batch of 12 Pet Rock Plushies recently and I have been having little photo shoots with each here and there so I can list them in my shop.  After photographing and uploading the pictures of one of them, I realized that I just didn’t have the heart to give him away …

Who knew a little Pet Rock could have so much personality!  His eyes just plead “Please keep me.” – So I made the decision to make him my own – Sorry everyone – This little dude is not for sale!

I came up with the idea of making these little guys on a whim and they turned out so much better than I ever anticipated.  They are silly and a little strange but I think they are so sweet and fun!

They are even more adorable in groups …

These two look like someone just walked in on them ...

Huddled together to look at something?

The striped one hides in the back as the little one goes to investigate ...

Too cool for school.

The blue one chatters incessantly as the beige one rolls his eyes.

Clearly in love ...

You can go visit some of these little guys in my Plush shop section.

What have you made that you just couldn’t let go?



  1. I have a cousin of this adorable pet rock (maybe a great-uncle? Not sure how pet-felt rocks are related…) and I don’t think I could give him away :)

    I used to crochet scarves a lot, and the first one I made was supposed to go to my sister. That was 11 years ago. In my defense, it was very nice yarn!

    • I think cousin works better – I could just see the two of them goofing around at Rock family reunions …

      Haha – I know what you mean about giving gifts to sisters … They always want the best stuff.

  2. I have yet to be surprised by a creation in that respect. Usually I know as soon as I finish a piece if it’s going to be *mine*. Or rather, it claims ownership of me *me*. ;)

    Your pet rocks are so cute! But are you going to keep your little guy’s partner-in-crime?

    • Haha – Thanks!

      Nah – His little striped friend has already been listed for sale (gosh when I talk like this it makes me guilty about selling them!!) – I know someone will come along and give him a good home :)

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