Hump Day Finds: Etsy Christmas in July Sale!

Okay, okay I know – The “official” Etsy Christmas in July (CIJ) sale starts tomorrow BUT I am forcing myself to start purchasing presents early this year (hopefully to save a little cash in the long run … the 2 deductibles I’m going to have to pay to get my car fixed from my driving mishaps are going to put a nice, unexpected dent in my bank account).

Even though the CIJ sale starts tomorrow, many Etsy sellers (like me) are running their sales for a longer period of time or starting early!  Here are some items I found while using the search terms “cij” or “christmasinjuly” (the official Etsy CIJ tags for the site-wide sale) that I am considering purchasing for family and friends this year!

Walk This Way Flour Sack Towels by HarrietsHaven

Walk This Way Towels

These might actually be a purchase for myself!  The birds are so sweet and the overall design is simple and warm – I also have my eye on their Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags

Cucumber Wasabi Cilantro Olive Oil Soap by dennisanderson

Cucumber Wasabi Cilantro Soap

Talk about a unique fragrance!!  I am so intrigued by this soap and I actually think my Dad would get a kick out of it – We both enjoy all things spicy and hot that make your nose run and your eyes tear – And wasabi fits the bill!  Take a look around their shop for some truly unique scents!

Bobo Sweet Brooch by beautyspot

Bobo Sweet Brooch

My heart just melted when I saw this brooch.  Who couldn’t love that adorable face?

Go check out the official Etsy CIJ SALE starting tomorrow!!

**Remember to use the search terms “cij” or “christmasinjuly“!**



  1. Coming over from etsy. The thread got long so I wanted to just make sure you actually received my comment back! I think your blog is lovely. The design is clean, which I love, and easy to read. Your hump day finds are awesome…. I may have to steal the idea! Thanks for the craftgawker tip btw… I’d never thought of it before! Cute creations, love the combination of craft and geeky goodness. I thought it was interesting to learn that you’re combining your two worlds this way!

    • What a lovely response – Thank you! I’m glad I could help :) I do enjoy doing the “Hump Day Finds” Haha and feel free to take the idea! I think the name is a little more fun and interesting than “Friday Finds” or “Wednesday Wishlists” (not that there is anything wrong with them of course!). I’ll be checking back to your blog and have a wonderful evening!

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