Fruits & Veggies Treasury!

I seem to be very much inspired by food recently (but then again, who isn’t?) so here’s my newest Treasury: Always Eat Your Fruits & Veggies …

Fruits & Veggies Treasury

I’m really happy with how it turned out!  It’s a nice, bold group of items , which is a nice change from the pastel and neutral monotony that you typically see on the Etsy front page … Please go visit and click around!  You may find some new favorites (I know I have).

I have a post coming this afternoon too … I had a scissor mishap last night that I have to share with you, but I haven’t taken photos for yet (don’t worry I’m fine, I didn’t hurt myself :P).  Hopefully this icky weather will subside so I can get some nice shots of new items finished too …



  1. “pastel and neutral monotony” on Etsy

    Haha you totally nailed it, and I love neutrals! That yarn looks amazing, and I’ve bought some cute reusable veggie/fruit bags from coughcoughchoke.

    • Lol yes, I’m pretty sure my favorite colors are black and grey … but Etsy really needs to vary the look of that front page once and a while!

      And about coughcoughchoke – Their shop IS cute! I have to go back and look around in more detail (and perhaps make a purchase to 2)

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