Random Weekend Shots

Tested out a delicious new local beer: River Horse Special Ale, brewed right in town – Can’t get any fresher than that!  It’s a nice medium weight beer (although I do love my stouts) that pairs well with any meal really.

River Horse Special Ale

Took my Wardrobe Remix shot on the way to get said beer.  I think the angles of the fence to the left are pretty cool.  For those not familiar, Wardrobe Remix is a Flickr group where anyone can post their daily outfits for feedback and/or inspiration.  I started doing it, not because I care about fashion so much, but because people out there really have some interesting and unique ideas about how to dress themselves and how to rewear (or Remix) their clothing pieces.  It helps me see what is already in my closet in a new light and breathe new life into forgotten articles of clothing.

WR Shot

FINALLY organized my pathetic excuse for a workspace … I took some empty tips containers from lab to help me store some smaller items (the clear plastic containers with the horrid glare).  My personal favorite is using the basket to store my rolls of felt – It doubles as unique home decor!

Finally Organized!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  I enjoyed being lazy :)


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