Hump Day Finds: Cars

Well they say that bad things come in threes – This past week and a half proved that saying correct:

  1. Got into a fender-bender in town at the end of June (Only a bent license plate and it wasn’t my fault – Yay!)
  2. Hit a deer coming home from 4th of July fireworks (Messed up one of my headlights and scared the crap out of me – I hope the deer is okay …)
  3. Woke up this morning and came out to my car only to discover someone had whacked into the side of my car leaving a big dent in the door (Of course they left no information – How considerate of them!  I will be doing recon work this afternoon on my run … I have a sneaky suspicion they live in town …)

So yeaa, I thought it would be fitting to have my Hump Day Finds theme for this week be “Cars” … Please enjoy!

Girly Muscle Cars Notecards by Daydreamers

Girly Muscle Cars by Daydreamers

I prefer muscle cars in sleek black but these awesome floral retro versions definitely make me smile!

1959 El Camino Rear End Ring by hioctanejewelry

El Camino Rear End Ring by hioctanejewelry

The El Camino is my dream car and I go weak in the knees whenever one comes into my field of vision.  As a kid my parents would get me little toy models which still decorate my apartment to this day so when I came across this ring I HAD to bring it to your attention.

Halftone Mini Flour Sack Towel by vitamini (best shop name ever)

Mini Towel by vitamini

Please take a minute to look around vitamini’s shop – It has the cutest Mini Cooper paraphernalia I have ever seen!  You just can’t help but feel happy looking at it!



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