4th of July Adventures!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend and stayed cool!  For the 4th Jim and I drove into PA and spent the afternoon with my family at my stepbrother’s house.  We played a made-up-on-the-spot game that was dubbed “Roof Ball” because you gained points by hitting certain areas of the roof of his shed with a ball that was thrown from his second story deck!  Paper plates were used to mark areas of bonus points and Slater, his golden retriever, helped to retrieve.

Jim setting up and playing Roof Ball and the picnic feast!

The fireworks were shot off at Dorney Park and you could see them perfectly from my stepbrother’s deck!  (Sorry my pictures are so crappy :P)


And after all this fun and excitement I hit a deer on the drive home!  My poor Corolla is just getting beat up this week :( Haha.


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