Cool “Canopy” Shot & Microorganism Mosaic!

So yesterday I told you I had a bunch of Amoeba & Paramecium Magnet Pairs in the making … Well here they are!

Awesome Microorganism Magnet Duos!

I have already listed 2 of them here and here – I will be putting up the rest over the holiday weekend most likely.  See a pair you want now?  Let me know and I can reserve them for you!

Right now they are all chillin’ on my fridge (magnets are super-easy to store until they are bought! Haha), I can’t wait to find a good home for them all – These guys are my favorite items by far.

I also wanted to give a nod to fellow Etsy seller greenpix who posted a thread in the forums about how to get Perfect Photo Colors when taking shots of your items – I used Mike’s advice during my photo shoot with the little organisms seen above and my pictures and colors came out beautifully!  If you are having issues with colors, please check out his blog post all about it.  It’s super easy to understand her explanation and if I can do it on my little camera, I’m sure you can too!

Just another random shot I took Friday during my lunch break while looking up from a bench on campus – I think it looks pretty sweet!

Cool "Canopy" Shot

Enjoy the holiday!



  1. Hey Sasha,

    Thanks for the free advertising! I’m glad the new photos worked out well for you.

    On another note, I’ve been referred to by a lot of different names in my life, but never before as a “her.” I’d make a really ugly girl! And my wife would not be happy! I’m partly to blame (as my wife gently reminded me) since I never bothered to fill out any of my Etsy profile. But that’s all taken care of now – and hopefully not too late to edit a few words in your post.

    All the best,


    • Oy vey I’m sorry – How embarrassing! I searched for evidence of gender in your blog and finding nothing and know that a high percentage of Etsians are female I figured it was statistically most likely that you were a “her” – This is why I hate statistics … Anyway! I’ve changed the appropriate terms and I apologize again for my mistake – I will absolutely be checking back to your blog for more photography tips! I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend :)


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