Parameciums Attack!

Since my little Paramecium and Amoeba magnet duos seem to be a hit (by a hit I mean I have sold more than one pair and they keep popping up in Treasuries) I am devoting some time to making 6 pairs of them this week!  I finished threading their flagella on last night (my absolute favorite feature, but the most tedious task to do …) and will glue in magnets and hopefully even add a few French knot organelles and finish some up tonight!

I really don’t have anything particularly “science-y” today for you, but I figured a shot of these little organisms in the making would suffice :) Enjoy!

Paramecium Magnets in the Making

If you are a US resident – Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

To everyone else – Have a superb weekend!



    • Just you wait – I’m putting together a mosaic of the 6 pairs – Right now they’re all chillin’ on my fridge until I’m done listing them all – I almost don’t want to sell any because I love them so much!

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