My Christmas in July SALE Has Begun!

This being my first year with Etsy this will be the first time I am participating in Christmas in July!  Though the official Etsy CIJ sale isn’t for a couple weeks – My sale begins TODAY and will run until the end of July!  I figure if I’m going to put the effort into changing all of my tags and whatnot, then I might as well make it worth my while and extend the sale – So we both win!

The What. No Mints? Christmas in July Sale consists of the following:

Sampling of Items 20% Off!

Take a moment to pop by and browse around!  I know it’s too early to even start thinking about the holidays, but I know I am going to make a concerted effort to find at least a few gifts/items during the CIJ sale so I can maybe save a little cash later.  If you don’t want to buy now or you start to feel queasy at the thought of approaching winter months, simply “Heart” my shop or an item if you are interested and check in at a later date!  I’m not going anywhere :)

I’m hoping July brings in a few sales for me, but if not, then I know I already have a head start for the holiday season – Have a good day all!


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