Best $10 Find EVER …

Two years ago I went to a garage-sale-type event that was held for UD students to drop off/purchase used items for their apartments etc.  They had everything there from furniture to clothing to old appliances.  A few of my friends were looking for furniture for their rooms and I needed a bike so we figured we would check it out.  Low and behold – As we pull in this black beauty of a bike is sitting in the lot out front of the huge tent.

My $10 Schwinn High Sierra!

I strolled over, hopped on (the tires were flat) and rode a couple feet to make sure it didn’t have any painfully obvious defects.  I looked it over and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.  It was slightly dusty, but other than that it was in mint condition.  I took it over to the woman at the register and asked her how much it was … she said $10!  I nearly fell over – This bike was worth FAR more than that.  I took it home, pumped up the tires and it ran beautifully!

It is a Schwinn High Sierra from the mid-80s and it was one of the top-notch mountain bikes of its time (note the “Mtn Rack” installed in the back).  I must admit I have taken this bad boy over rocky terrain on mountain bike trails (I still don’t know how I survived narrow twists and turns with those massive handle bars …) and it is a badass (the pedals alone would take you down!).

"Mtn Rack" and Scary Pedal

Now I stick to occasionally riding the local tow path along the canal (like we did this Sunday) and it serves very well for that purpose!  Others have tried to get me to spend more money and get myself a real mountain or road bike … but after only spending mere pocket change on this amazing vehicle, I just can’t seem to justify it!


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