You Can’t Make These Things Up …

::Sigh:: Well last night Jim came out to his car to go home from work and found a flat tire.  He changed it and was on his way – But then the spare tire shredded and he had to call AAA for a tow.  No big deal so far, I jumped in the car and was leaving town to pick him up and ended up getting into an ACCIDENT along the way!  I literally just shook my head and had to laugh because I thought what are the odds of something like this happening?

Everyone was fine and it was a minor accident – I was coming up one of the streets in town and the other person (who was supposed to yield at the intersection) either didn’t see me or didn’t yield, pulled into the intersection ahead of me and I couldn’t slam on my brakes in time so I hit their passenger-side door.  They had a large dent in the door and my car ended up with a bent license plate and minor scratches on the front (to be honest I’ve gotten worse damage from people who can’t parallel park next to me).

So my question is – Who’s fault is it? Is it my fault because I hit them or is it theirs because they failed to yield properly?  I wasn’t speeding or talking on my cell phone, if anything I was more vigilant than usual because there were many people out and about in town last night and I had to be careful of pedestrians.  I have never been in an accident before by myself and I had no idea what to do really.  I just did whatever the office told me to do and gave him the info he needed.  Jim keeps saying that it is my fault because I should have put myself in a position where I could stop if needed … but they didn’t yield … so how on earth would this be my fault?

I ended up giving my info to the cop and he told me I could go – So I did.  We got home late and I was in a surly mood all evening (still am I think).

More than anything I’m just annoyed that insurance is going to go up … Any feedback would be appreciated – I just want to know what to expect :(


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