Science Quote & The Number 20

I have 2 random things for today:

1. In the most recent issue of Chemical & Engineering News (if the fact that I receive and read this magazine on a regular basis doesn’t tell you I’m a nerd, I don’t know what does), the cover story was all about the regulatory and science gaps exposed by the disaster in the Gulf.  If you weren’t aware, in a year (provided I am accepted to one of the graduate schools I apply to) I will begin studying for my Ph.D. in the area of environmental chemistry, specifically aquatic chemistry.  The following quote by Amy Scott, one of three young scientists who founded Project Tantalus, completely sums up why I want to do what I want to do:

“This is exactly why you’re trained as a scientist.  As a chemist, I feel I have an obligation to protect our environment from harmful chemicals and pollutants.  I think that it’s important that this information gets out to everyone so people know exactly what they’re swimming in or drinking, and along the way I’ll learn some new science.”

Image from Project Tantalus Facebook Page

2. At this very moment I have:

  • 200 shop hearts
  • 20 sales
  • 20 positive feedback responses

Shop Stats Courtesy of

What beautiful round numbers!!  My favorite number is 20 by the way – “Why?” you ask?  Because it is divisible by many other numbers!  I think it is just the most perfect round number and that is all.

Have a favorite number of your own? Comment and share!  I have proven that no reason is too weird … :)


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