Hump Day Finds: Squeaky Clean

Some awesome bath products for you to peruse!

H. influenzae on Chocolate Agar by CleanerScience

Bacteria Soap by CleanerScience

One of my favorite sellers!  I love CleanerScience’s unique and nerdy soaps – Who would have imagined rinsing off with cultured bacteria soap (not really bacteria of course)!  I bought 2 of these soaps for my Mom (former microbiologist) for Mother’s Day :)

Grass by DirtySanchez

Grass by DirtySanchez

Half the fun of shopping DirtySanchez is reading the awesome item descriptions …

Sugar Scrub by pinkparchmentsoaps

Sugar Scrub by pinkparchmentsoaps

This scrub is sitting in my shower as we speak!  I bought a tub of it (in Peppermint) that was donated to HelpTheGulfCoast – This scrub is great for scouring elbows and knees but gentle enough for other parts of the body too.  It rinses off clean too with just a bit of moisture to leave your skin soft and touchable – You can pick your own scent too!



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