Tattoo: 1 Year Anniversary

1 year ago tomorrow, my sister and I got our first tattoos together :)

Before this, I had always thought about getting one, but could never think of anything I wanted permanently on my body so I sort of brushed it aside not thinking about it too much.  Whenever tattoos did come up in conversation with friends, I always said that if anything I would choose something that represents the close relationship I have with my sister.  So one day out of the blue, she calls me up and asks me if I would mind that she got a tattoo that represented our sisterhood – I of course said go for it – and that I would get one with her!  We thought about it for a while and settled on the infinity symbol (which represents Eternity, Forever or Neverending).  We agreed that each tattoo would include the symbol, but reflect our own tastes.  I chose a more simplistic, all black tattoo on my upper back and she decided to go for a bit of color and had a peacock feather incorporated in to her symbol.

My tattoo - Jim says it looks like a little alien when it peeks out over the back of my shirts :)

Nat's tattoo from a year ago the day she got it - It's located on her right side ribs.

One of my felt brooches is actually inspired by the peacock feather in her design!

Embroidered Peacock Feather Brooch

I would love to get another one, and make it chemistry-related … I know, I know – You’re thinking “What a dumb idea!  Really?  Chemistry!?  Geek … Why would you want that on your body!?”  But I don’t think you understand how much I love chemistry:  I have already dedicated 5 years of my life studying it and plan on getting my Ph.D. in the subject and will most likely work in the field for the rest of my life … Science will always be a big part of who I am, and I would love to keep that with me – Now I just have to pick a favorite chemical structure … :)



  1. My bestie from childhood is a chemist and is dead set on getting an artistic rendition of a carbon atom inked on her, orgo was her fave in school. You’re hardly alone on chem tattoos. ;)

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