Random Updates & Thank-Yous!

I must say, I don’t know how I’m ever going to top yesterday’s post!  My Easy Homemade Horchata recipe was lucky enough to be chosen for a feature in WordPress’ “Freshly Pressed“!  I wanted to say “Thank you so much!” to WordPress for picking my post out of the many wonderful posts in this blog community …

Freshly Pressed Feature

… and for destroying my ability to ever get any sort of useful information from my view-tracker graph …

My previous all-time-high for views per day WAS somewhere around 55 ... not anymore!

Yesterday was also a pretty special day for the Help The Gulf Coast Etsy shop (as well as my What. No Mints? shop!).  Etsy published an awesome Storque article highlighting what Help The Gulf Coast is doing to raise money for charities!  I was shocked and honored to have one of my donations featured in this post :)

Etsy Storque Article about helping the Gulf Coast

Okay, okay … self-absorbed, self-promotion rave over!

Some random things I have learned since my last post:

  1. I cannot fillet a fish to save my life.  I discovered that the salmon I bought to make this tasty meal with still had the skin on … “No biggie” I thought to myself and merely typed in “How to fillet salmon” into my trusty Google search and clicked the first link.  As I read, I thought, “O!  So I just have to slide my knife under the meat and above the skin and it should come right off, great!” … not so much … One huge jagged piece and 2 small oddly-shaped pieces later, I finally removed the skin.
  2. The local beaver who has been hanging out in the canal by my apartment is building a dam somewhere.  At least that’s my conclusion since I saw him swimming to some unknown destination with a massive branch while cooling off after my run yesterday afternoon …
  3. Hmm … I could have sworn I had a third update to round out the latter part of this post … guess not :)

Happy Tuesday!



    • Haha – I typically use frozen fillets of salmon purchased from BJs (it makes life so easy and they’re cheap!) but this is what was ready-packaged at the grocery store – Needless to say I won’t be doing that again …

      Your marinade was friggin’ delicious by the way, the larger amount of sesame oil worked really well with the salmon – I will definitely be adding it to our composition notebook recipe book!

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