Ma & Pa Deathhead Has Arrived!

Late last week I was happy to be notified that I was the ArtSnark blog giveaway winner of an awesome, earthenware mosaic beautifully crafted by LuRu of Tortuga Tile Works!  I was stunned to come home from work yesterday and see the package already patiently waiting for me in the hallway.  I rushed up to my apartment and opened it immediately to reveal the unique piece of artwork – It is already hanging in our kitchen!

Our Deathhead Mosaic already adorns our kitchen wall!

Jim and I have an eclectic sense of home decor, to say the least, and this mosaic only adds to that:

Our Eclectic Style!

Decor from Top-Left …

  1. Old Blue Window – I found this at a vintage shop on the UD campus, I wanted something different to decorate my room and this was affordable and exactly what I was looking for!
  2. The Infamous “R” … This was found and picked up by Jim near the dumpster behind my apartment junior year in college.  He nabbed it with the intent of giving it to one of his roommates as a joke … but, it ended up residing in my apartment until I graduated the following year and then it somehow made it into the apartment we live in now …
  3. Abstract Painting – Jim and I made this together, haha!  We wanted some inexpensive artwork so we went out, bought a canvas on sale and a few tubes of paint and got to work.
  4. Zodiac Tapestry – A gift to me by my uncle, it’s pretty awesome, I don’t think you can argue otherwise :)

So yeaa, I would say a Deathhead mosaic fits right in to our happy little home!  Please take moment to check out LuRu’s amazing handcrafted work at her Etsy shop, Tortuga Tile Works!


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