Help the Gulf Coast: Etsy Sellers Donate for Gulf Recovery

Today I want to highlight an amazing collaboration of Etsy sellers who want to aid in the recovery of the Gulf Coast.  An Etsy shop has been put together, called “Help The Gulf Coast” where sellers can donate items to be sold and 100% of the proceeds will be given to Oxfam America and American Bird Conservancy.  As an Etsy seller, I was immediately interested and have donated 2 of my Tufted Birds in Sandstone Beige and Aqua and Aqua and White to be listed for sale!

Tufted Birds Donated to HelpTheGulfCoast

I am stunned at how quickly the number of listed items people have donated are piling up and sales keep building as well!  There is such a wonderful variety of crafts and vintage items being sold through Help The Gulf Coast and I find myself checking back often to see what new things have been added.  Here are a few of my current favorites:

Items for sale at

Clockwise Order Starting Top Left: 1. Dive Print, 2. Heart Necklace, 3. Brown Pelican Print, 4. Humbug Bag

Please take a moment to check out this shop – It is a wonderful feeling knowing that your money will be going towards a very good cause (and you will receive a lovely handmade or vintage item in return!).  I just purchased a delicious-looking Sugar Scrub in Peppermint (Mmm)!

It is very clear that the oil spill will be an ongoing problem and the clean-up procedure is nowhere near over.  It is important to help now and aid recovery efforts to help bring back the Gulf to the people and wildlife that inhabit there.

Brown Pelican is being cleaned of oil (via

If you are interested in donating an item to Help The Gulf Coast:

To show support through their blog:

Or Facebook:



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