Things that make me want to run far away from them …

1.   Ferris Wheels

    I will ride the tallest, fastest, loopiest roller coaster you put me in front of and enjoy every minute of it, but I quiver at

    Ferris Wheel by Svenstorm on Flickr

    the thought of putting myself in one of those little, swinging death traps as they rotate high, peak precariously and inevitably stop at the apex forcing me to sit there and pray the bolt holding the seat on doesn’t come undone …

    2.   Centrifuges

    Centrifuges rotate an object at a very high speed (typically a tube containing some kind of protein mixture in my line of work) and serves to separate a mixture by the weight of its contents.  I have this completely irrational fear that, after I press the “Start” button, the rotating mechanism will fail horribly and the machine will explode apart, maiming me in the process.  Luckily, the centrifuge in my lab is located in the next room, so after the spinning is under way, I can retreat to the safety of my bench.

    3.   Sidewalk Grates

    I will not walk on them, period.

    Vent Grates by i_follow on Flickr

    4.   Dirty Counter Tops

    When I say “Dirty” I mean with foodstuffs or crumbs or residual shaving cream, not item clutter.  I compulsively wipe the counter tops in the bathroom and kitchen because it drives me batty if I don’t!


    EWW!  I am bugging out just thinking about it!  This hatred began when I was a little kid and I was feeding the ducks at a local pond.  Well, I dropped one of the pieces of bread in the pond and reached to grab it and felt the awful, nasty feeling of wet bread.  I pulled my hand away and left the scene.  To this day I can’t eat ANYTHING that has soggy bread.  I love french onion soup – and I order it without the baguette.  French dip sandwiches seriously gross me out.  Okay, I can’t talk about this anymore … ick.


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