New Shop Additions to Expect This Week …

Happy Memorial Day! I hope those who have the day off today are enjoying it and those who do have to work are able to escape early and spend time with family and friends!

Just wanted to update you all and share with you some new items I will be listing in my shop throughout the week:

Set of 12 Mini Felt Plush Hearts

I think these little hearts would be cute to send out in cards or packages to let someone know you love and care about them.  Or they would look super-sweet arranged haphazardly in a bowl for decoration! **NOW AVAILABLE**

Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments - On Sale!

Planning early for the holidays!  I’m testing the Etsy waters and listing some of my holiday and autumnal ornaments and decorations early to see what the response is.  Buy now because all of my cooler-weather decor is only on sale during the summer months!

Dopamine Molecule Heart Felt Ornaments

These awesome Dopamine Hearts sell whenever I list a new one, so I made 2 more to put up in my shop.  I love them and they are such a cute and unique ornament or door hanger.



  1. the dopamine hearts are super cute. what a great idea! my mom used to do these felt ornaments, but in the more traditional antiqued aesthetic…i’m always amazing by people who can take an old craft like this and make it so modern.

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