Consignment Find: Floaty Floral Tunic

Sorry for the late post today … but I’m going to share one of my newest consignment shop finds:  this floaty floral button-down tunic originally from Banana Republic!  It has been too hot and too humid for the past couple days and wearing non-clingy clothing is a must!  I don’t tolerate hot weather very well (unless I am in my bathing suit lounging on the beach – Then I am perfectly happy with it) and I can’t wait for autumn … While shopping consignments yesterday I also nabbed a short-sleeved, blue, knit jacket (super comfy!) and a plaid button-down with 3/4-sleeves, needless to say, it was a good day!

Neckline Detail & Sporting My New Maple Pendant from FlyingJcreations!

New Floaty Tunic

I kind of got fed up with acting like a well-behaved model and decided to jump on the furniture a little bit – It was fun :)

Jumping on the Furniture! I look like I'm surfing ...

Well that was exciting!  I’ll be back tomorrow with another fun chemistry video for your viewing pleasure – Have a wonderful evening!


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