Hump Day Finds: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign …

I feel like I’ve been hearing this song by Five Man Electrical Band whenever I get in the car these days … So I chose to make it the inspiration for my Hump Day Finds this week!  Add some interest to your walls with some of these beautifully-made signs …

Geek Wood Sign in Slate Grey by OldNewAgain

Geek Sign by OldNewAgain

I could absolutely see myself hanging this anywhere in my apartment to proudly display my geekiness!  I also love the slate grey color and the aged feel of the letters.

Personalized Wooden Heart Charm by braggingbags

Heart Charm by braggingbags

I’m usually not one for romantic items, but this simple and rustic heart charm is too sweet and would absolutely make a wonderful addition to a table centerpiece or a gift to someone you love.

Welcoming Moose Wall Hook by monkeyandsquirrel

Moose Hook by monkeyandsquirrel

I have such a soft spot in my heart for moose … I think I just fall in love with large, furry animals with big eyes (hence my attachment to my horse, Sam).



  1. Thanks! I love putting together my Hump Day Finds every week – It helps me to find beautifully-made and inspiring items I would have never come across randomly in my searches :)

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