My Grey Cowl Tee!

Sooo you know how I was excited about finally receiving my Grey Cowl Tee by replicca in the mail last week … Here is what it looks like!

Me Modeling My New Cowl Tee!

Cowl Tee Pinned Up in a More Conservative Manner ...

I’m trying to photograph my Etsy items “in action” for listings because I believe buyers like that (I know I do).  For instance, I clip my keychains to my keys or wear one of my brooches in a picture to demonstrate size.  The second picture, where the cowl tee is pinned closed, I am modelling one of my new Ginkgo Leaf Felt Brooches (see last picture for a sneak peek of upcoming listings).  I really like the pinned look of the tee, it is much more conservative and work-appropriate (not to mention super-snuggly on cooler days), whereas leaving it open would look sweet with a long pendant (Hmm … like one of the ones I just purchased from my list of Lovely Pendants Finds …) for going out on the weekends.  I adore this tee and will absolutely be back to replicca to buy more of Rebecca’s items – Thanks again!!

New Ginkgo Leaf Felt Brooches in my Shop!



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