Hump Day Finds: Nifty Pouches

Fun and interesting pouches to store your cash, make-up, lip balm, cards, pencils, etc …

Munchmoney by (appropriately-named) munchmoney

Munchmoney by munchmoney

Feed your annoying change to this little Munchmoney monster!  I love how the zipper gives this cute little guy a nice set of chompers!

Bumble Bee Mini Clasp Purse by EmenGeeDesigns

Bumble Bee & Honeycomb Mini Purse by EmenGeeDesigns

An adorable and bright way to stow your small things and prevent them from getting lost in the black hole that is your purse …

Inner Tube Pencil Case by PunctureBags

Pencil Case by PunctureBags

I enjoy the simplicity of this durable, streamlined case which is made from reclaimed tractor inner tubes.


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