Homemade Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade

Awesome Strawberry Lemonade!!

This weekend I stumbled across a delicious-looking recipe for Strawberry Lemonade on foodgawker.  I sat there for a moment, pondering how much I wanted a glass of it when I realized … I had few-day-old strawberries chilling in the fridge!  I bookmarked the recipe from Willow Bird Baking, grabbed a tote bag and traipsed to the Farmer’s Market down the road for some lemons.  I ended up cutting the recipe in half simply because we don’t own a pitcher large enough for the full amount!  The following are the only ingredients you will need to make this wonderful drink:

Strawberries, Sugar, Water & Lemon Juice Going for a Spin!

  • strawberries
  • lemons (I used 4 for the recipe when cut in half)
  • sugar
  • water
  • seltzer (I can’t live without it and always have some in the fridge, I used lime-flavored seltzer and it worked wonderfully –  You might want to try other flavors too!)

That’s it!  Please visit Willow Bird Baking’s website for the full recipe.  I didn’t tweak or change anything and it came out perfectly – Give it a try and you will have yourself a tasty, summer treat!



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  2. This looks rather yummy,
    perhaps this will go down
    well after a… Right I
    will leave you to your own
    recipe making and maybe
    call back to see what you
    add next… You have an
    interesting Space my friend


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