Safe Trip, Sammy!

Today Sam begins his pilgrimage to Florida … Who is Sam, you ask?

Sam is a big, furry, sweet, Thoroughbred-Percheron-Mustang mix horse my sister and I owned during our years in high school.  I know it sounds super-cliche, but during those years, Sam was one of my “best friends”.  I spent more time with him than probably any of my human friends from school and enjoyed every minute of it.  We went to shows, jumped the highest jumps I’ve ever done and spent plenty of time fighting while I tried to get the bit in his mouth (he was tall enough all he had to do was stand on his tip-toes and point his nose in the air …).  His was literally the shoulder I cried on when problems arose and I really didn’t feel like talking to another person about it.  Those quiet times together were some of the best.

Me & My Big, Furry Love

Up until today he stayed at my old barn and we were welcome to visit/ride whenever we wanted, the people there were like a second family.  But now he will be heading to Florida and will be under the care of a psychiatrist that utilizes interactions with horses as a means of therapy for those with autism, etc.  I can’t think of a better place for my furry buddy to go to “retire” (Hey, everyone goes to Florida, right!?).  He is super-sweet with kids and is calm and patient with the inexperienced and I know he will be one of the best horses there.

Laughing on Sam

Thanks for being there for me, Sam – I will always think of you as mine.  Take care of your new patients in Florida, I know you will be loving and will teach them so much.

I love this print by andreenharrisart because it absolutely sums up the feeling between a Girl and Her Horse

"Hug" by andreenharrisart



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  5. Ohhh….my heart is sad for you. I know the feeling of saying goodbye to a dear animal friend–specifically a horse. It’s wonderful that he has found another good home, though! Lucky boy.

    I found your blog via and am quite enjoying it! Seems we have a few things in common. :)

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